What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an effective system of medicine, developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann more than 200 years ago, which gently stimulates the body's natural tendency to heal itself. Homeopathy recognises that all symptoms of ill health are an expression of disharmony within the whole person - so the whole person and not just their symptoms are treated.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is based on Hahnemann's discovery that "like cures like", in other words, that the tiniest amount of any natural substance which would normally cause symptoms, can in fact stimulate the body's energy to cure itself of those same symptoms. Homeopathic remedies therefore contain minute amounts of an active ingredient, in a specially prepared form. So, they are non-toxic, and cannot cause side effects or become addictive.

What Can Homeopathy Do For You?

Homeopathy is safe and effective, and can be used by anyone, for either physical or emotional health problems. It is invaluable for the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant women, and is suitable for weak and fragile patients as well as those wishing to maintain a good level of health.